Pocket Giants

An identity package for Pocket Giants, a digital marketing agency. Working together with an awesome brand strategist, we settled upon the name after the discovery that the agency wanted to be thought of as a multi-purpose tool that solves digital marketing challenges, and is readily accessible. They are always in your pocket, just a phone call away. The idea of an iPhone dangling out of a pocket became a visual metaphor for the easy availability of these digital experts.


What if you didn’t have to know everything?

It isn’t easy being the one-person marketing wonder. Customer expectations change. Channels evolve. Not to mention your job description! Can’t things just stay the same long enough for you to actually learn them?

Take digital, for example. You know your website could be your most powerful tool for inbound marketing. But it isn’t pulling its weight, and you don’t know why. You could spend thousands of hours learning digital inside out. Our you could call in a team of experts to handle it for you.

We are Pocket Giants, a team of nimble digital artisans with a passion for better inbound marketing. We believe your website can work for you, connecting you with customers and starting conversations that matter