Tailor-Made Designs

Another stock image? More uppercase sans-serif fonts? The same hand-rendered crafty type reversed-out of a dark photo background? Do you want to look like these guys?

The design landscape is littered with the same stock images and lazy gimmicks. Creativity has been scientifically engineered into apps that promise everyone that they can be a designer. Just pick a layout, an image and a font, and presto! Instant creativity. Need an awesome design for a new brand or campaign? Just visit Behance and some Pinterest boards and see what’s cool right now, and just go do that. Now you look like everyone else. And you will definitely look dated in a few years.

You don’t want to look like a clown.

Creativity cannot be constrained to lines of code. Creativity does not come from copying what everyone else is doing. It is the result of inspiration, skill, effort, and adaptability. It is the sword wielded by the true artist-warrior who wills his visions into reality. Successful creativity in design is the reward for the hustle, hard work and considerable time spent practicing your art.

Back in the day, when you bought a suit, you went to a tailor. The tailor used their specialized skills and knowledge to make sure that you had a proper fit. Their responsibility was to make sure that you looked good.

We were inspired to use that model to create a new service for agencies and brands. Instead of settling on an image that doesn’t fit you, we specialize in creating artful images tailored to your brand objectives.

By utilizing our experience in concept ideation and branding—combined with our specialized skills in Photoshop compositing and 3d effects—we create otherworldly imagery that provides a memorable impression of your brand. Our tailor-made images are an exclusive craft that brings art to commerce.

Non-Affiliated upholds these values as the foundation of our craft:

    • We believe in thinking big, exceeding expectations and relentlessly experimenting.


    • We believe in leaving a legacy of artful work behind, the result of a lifetime of love, inspiration, and experiences translated into our designs.


    • We do this primarily because it is our art.


    • Our practice is grounded in this knowledge, and our clients benefit from the environment we have built. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


If this intrigues you, if you would like us to work with you on your next exciting project, please contact us. We want to hear from you.